Past Awards

Comments from the Judges on the 2012 Winners

Best Company: Williams and White 

“It is not often that a family business is successful in its transition to the third generation particularly when there is also a shift from traditional ways to the use of high tech robotics. However this third generation has been able to embrace technology and more modern management processes to revitalize and diversify the company not only to ensure it survives but for it to thrive and grow�?
Bruce A. Hurst, FCGA, CFP, REID HURST NAGY INC., Certified General Accountants
“The experts say that 70% of Family Businesses don’t make it to the 2nd generation and an alarming 90% do not make it to the 3rd. Therefore, to see Williams and White not only make it to the 3rd generation, but to thrive under the leadership of Justin and Matt is nothing short of impressive.”
John Folka, CA Senior Manager, KPMG Enterprise
“Williams and White is a solid company with strong foundation and infrastructure founded on technology and innovation. They are a leader in the Canadian manufacturing industry and have demonstrated impressive growth despite the recession. With passionate leadership, a strong focus on training and diversification across three business units this company is poised for even more success for many years to come.�?
Cybele Negris,

Best Concept: EightSix Network 

“It’s one of those concepts that in a few years the target market will wonder how it had survived without it.  It just makes a lot of sense.  It presents what innovation is all about; this business came up with a solution to a common industry problem.  These owners have a good strategy and have done a wonderful job of getting the big players on their customer list.  Now that the business has put together a good group of advisors, a passionate management team, a good infrastructure and a solid growth plan, nothing is going to stop the two brothers from enjoying the upcoming success�?
Cecilia Mkondiwa MBA Manager, Loans & Operations Womens Enterprise Centre
In the hospitality industry, a new concept emerged that allows both employers and job seekers to find a way to ‘meet on-line’ that will save time, money and resources in finding the perfect match. Justin and Andrew’s passion, energy and knowledge come shining through with their Eight Six Network business concept that is surging ahead of the waves of continuous innovation in interactive social media�?.
Rita Kim, HSBC
“86ix Network’s innovative solution for recruitment in the hospitality and restaurant industries is a cost effective medium that has many of the largest restaurant chains in British Columbia knocking on their door.  The scalability of the McAleenan brothers endeavor will allow them to continue to grow across the country rapidly without greatly affecting their fixed cost expenses.�?
Brendan Cooper Business Manager, CYBF BC

Best Employer: Eclipse Awards 

“Eclipse Awards has created a culture of recognition and appreciation; valuing their most important asset, their people and celebrating their achievements.    They are committed to creating an inspiring place to work and caring for their employees’ overall wellbeing, while also giving back to their community and the environment.  Eclipse Award’s philosophy of Regenerative Marketing has enabled them to attract the right cultural fit for their business and has contributed to their tremendous growth and success.�?
Paula Askew, Business Development Executive, Miles Employment Group
“Eclipse Awards is a business that is TRULY built around its employees. This business implements simple, yet inspiring business practices that most companies wouldn’t even think of; let alone put into practice.�?
Nathan Waters, Director of Operations, Small Business BC
“Unbelievably inspiring.�?
Rose McDonald, Worksafe BC

Best Green Business: Pemberton Valley Lodge 

“The Pemberton Valley Lodge is good example of how businesses can align environmental responsibility with core strategy and business success. Congratulations! “
Jeff Chiu, Business Development and Partnership Manager, BC Hydro
“David sees the economics and cost savings in striving to be a more ‘green’ hospitality business. Pemberton Valley Lodge has championed their environmental commitment not only from ownership and management but also through staff engagement and involvement. They have implemented initiatives toward energy efficiencies in almost every area of their operations�?.
Richard Sagan Client Services Coordinator, Small Business BC 
“The Pemberton Valley Lodge clearly views sustainability as a key business strategy. Their attention to detail and continued improvement over the years makes them an excellent recipient of the award.”
Lyle Perry, Client advisor, Climate Smart.
“Our Successful You Nomination and ultimately being awarded BC’s Best Green Small Business was a milestone accomplishment for Pemberton Valley Lodge.  Our staff, owners and guests embraced our policies and practices to truly live “green�? to lessen our environmental  impact.  The wide spread media coverage has brought us  new customers and respect among our industry partners as a leader in green initiatives.  We have been asked to share best practices and have seen financial impact in both cost savings and new clients.    The entire process has been positive, never a chore but a choice.  As BC’s Best Green Small Business recipient we are excited about the opportunities that have come our way and the potential to grow our business.  Thank you to Small Business BC!”
David MacKenzie, Pemberton Valley Lodge

Best Online Marketer: Masc 

“MASC are clearly a small business determined to succeed, driven in their online marketing whilst undertaking a level of analysis not normally seen in companies of their size.”
Mark Tempest, Deepnet Media
“Masc has done an exceptional job of taking a brick and mortar business and transposing it to a virtual store.  The have integrated their online marketing efforts for a high brand touch campaign. �?
Judy Brooks, Bravo Lima Oscar
“The winner was inspiring to me because of their passion for serving their customers, their work ethic and their online savvy!”
Guy Steeves, Regional Director of Development – Vancouver Metro Constant Contact
“Having received the first ever Best Online Marketer Award in 2012 from Small Business BC was definitely a great honor for us. The experience allowed us to evaluate our business and better understand our own strengths and weaknesses. With all of the recognition and support we received before and after the event, and of course on the evening of the award ceremony, we can honestly say it was well worth all of the hard work and we definitely encourage others to participate in this competition.”
Patrick Levesque, MASC

Best Community Impact: Kids Physio Group

“Laura has demonstrated through her work, commitment and her professionalism that she is not only a great physiotherapist. Laura is a great mentor, team builder and visionary. Laura’s work is not only helping fill a niche in the physio world, she is a trailblazer who is making change in how our society addresses the needs of  our children who need the help to  live a better life in the future. Laura and Physio Kids Group are the real deal, we need more professional business leaders in our society.�?
Winnie Hwo, Campaigner, David Suzuki Foundation

“Laura is an amazing woman who has taken her physiotherapy work and created something that really impacts the need for specialized services for kids. Laura is confident, well spoken, and shows passion for her work with a drive to see the business grow and reach more kids needing help.�?
Morgan Beall, Microfinance Program Manager, Vancity Community Investment
“Laura saw an opportunity, researched the need and has developed a viable business model supporting the many providers involved in Kids Physio. She has strengthened a community of parents, practitioners, caregivers by focusing on kids health and well being.�?
Jennifer Reid, Manager – Education and Member Services, Victoria Real Estate Board