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Download Mpj3 Juice Download MP3 Free in download mp3 ganna uploaded by Iyanii. The mpj3-juice-download have 02:50 and 49,365. Details of Iyanii - Pombe/Above The Head (Official Video) Sms SKIZA 5803398 TO 811 MP3 check it out.
Baba Harare-Rita ft Mai Tt

Baba Harare-Rita ft Mai Tt

Baba Harare
1 year ago
Cariñosa - Folk Dance (Audio Only)

Cariñosa - Folk Dance (Audio Only)

Mark Jhon Cardoza Oxillo
1 year ago
4 MOSFET as Single Stage Amplifier

4 MOSFET as Single Stage Amplifier

Cenon Lumabad III
1 year ago

Pombe now available on all digital platforms.

Written and performed by: Iyanii
Composed and Arranged by: Iyanii, Arrow Bwoy, Waka Waka, Kenty and Reuben Mbesa.
Produced and Recorded by: Waka Waka
Mixed and Mastered by: Alexis On The Beat
Additional Voc: Iyanii, Brenan Rashid, Esther Lulu ,Suzan Mbithe.
Guitars by: Kenty
Bass Guitar: Reuben Mbesa
Recorded At: Utembe World Studios, Real Time Music, City Sounds Production.

Shot and Edited by: Deska Tores
Video Concept by: Iyanii and Deska Tores
Styling by: Iyanii

Executive Producer: Utembe World

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