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Jerusalem Song Steps

Get Jerusalem Song Steps MP3 Courtesy in download mp3 ganna uploaded by Keren Zumba. The jerusalem-song-steps have 2020-08-01 06:09:21 and 66,183. Details of Jerusalema Dance Steps Breakdown MP3 check it out.
A beautiful DANCE with Jerusalem SONG

A beautiful DANCE with Jerusalem SONG

Embra Active Channel
1 year ago
Jerusalema Challenge in Jerusalem!

Jerusalema Challenge in Jerusalem!

עיריית ירושלים
1 year ago
Jerusalem Steps 7.45pm

Jerusalem Steps 7.45pm

Brendan Gallagher - Topic
6 years ago
Dance step to the song jerusalem

Dance step to the song jerusalem

boss industry
2 years ago
Southern Steps Jerusalem

Southern Steps Jerusalem

Vicki Tiede
9 years ago

THE BEST SIMPLE breakdown of my interpretation of the basic steps for the Jerusalema Dance.
Remember to add your own style and flair.

JERUSALEMA - By Master G featuring NOMCEBO
Originating in South Africa.
MASTER KG is from Limpopo South Africa.

I do not own the rights to this music in any way, I just want to help people learn the steps to the dance that is sweeping the world.

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