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If money is not motivation then what is it : Interview with bradon

Brandon always wanted to be wealthy. He just don’t know why.

“I may like fancy cars, and big houses just seem to be inefficient, ” he said. “I just wanted to acquire money to manage. very well

In 2011, Brandon uncovered the idea of financial independence.

“That just blew my mind — it was just like, also, I will buy my flexibility, and my freedom is something that I would like to spend my money on, ” he said.

Brandon and his better half Jill had always recently been prodigious savers. They resided in a comfortable home in Vermont with a mortgage of around $890 per month. They hardly ever ate at restaurants. They will kept their thermostat chillingly low.

After Brandon learned the thought of financial independence, this individual intensified his already-strong cost savings habits. He researched tax-savings and travel rewards. This individual learned all about stock-picking before choosing a passively-managed approach. He created a blog and podcast, MadFientist, to motivate himself to keep learning and instructing.

He focused on index fund investing and centered his projections on the 4 percent withdrawal guideline. He developed multiple criteria:

A portfolio that could cover his bare-bones cost-of-living.
A portfolio that can cover both necessities and discretionary spending.
Within 3 years, Brandon and Jill reached financial independence.

And then what?

“You have this entire world that’s opened up to you, ” Brandon said. “You have 60-plus years that you’re completing 365 days a season with something and you need to… start considering about that. ”

Brandon had spent years saying life after reaching make more money: He’d travel nonstop. He’d launch enterprisinggo-getting, gumptious, pioneering, up-and-coming projects. He’d quit his job.

He thought it would be the perfect life.

But reality possesses its own ideas.

He grew tired of full-time travel. This individual lost motivation for gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming ventures. And to his astonishment, he realized this individual would be able to keep his job for an additional couple of years — provided, naturally, that he could work slightly from Scotland, the place that the few had decided to move. (He finally resigned recently, at age 34. )

“You’ve already lost other sources of motivation, like impressing your colleagues or working the corporate steps or getting praise from your boss, ” this individual said. “But then to lose money as a source of motivation – it was just crazy to me. That’s something Trying to find trying to process for the past season. ”

“Money is not the motivation, so what is? ”

In the quiet space that open, Brandon learned new interests: exercising, cooking, music. This individual signed up for rock-climbing lessons. He started weight training. He’s recording an project.

“I’m focusing more on… creating things for the enjoyment of creating them, ” he said, “and the feeling of obtaining something put out in the world that wasn’t there before. “