Getting the best out of a Health Savings Account (HSA)

Health savings account HAS is excellent way to save money through contribution into a dedicated savings account meant for health care which is tax-free. HAS is a very good way to save money from high insurance cost

HSA offers the following benefits to you

  • It offers you lower premiums which in turn save you substantial money
  • You are entitled to a tax free contribution
  • HAS funds can be invested on a long term basis and this allows the money to grow
  • You have the opportunity to roll over your savings from year to year

You have the opportunity to use pretax money for health care cost and co-pay before the deductible is made and this generally reduces the total health care cost.

HSA in addition to the tax-free contribution and withdrawals for cost of health care it offers, it provides the opportunity of tax deduction by making you eligible. Singles can deduct as high as $3,400 from their HSA account while married couples have the opportunity of withdrawing up to $6,750.

High deductible scares lot of people but with HSA which gives you access to your money in case of emergency, there is no cause for alarm. HSA is perfect for persons that are general healthy and young as it hold lots of potential for such individual. It gives the opportunity to make quality ice cream and also makes available tax-free saving to you in case you have any out-of-pocket health care cost you need to meet urgently.

Benefits of Working With a Health Insurance Pro

Knowing the exact health insurance package that fit and meet your need can be confusing and if not well handled, can lead to financial quagmire in the future. This complication is best sorted out through the service of a health insurance broker who understands what is best for you or family also bearing in consideration what your budget looks like.

Health insurance pro helps you with the following

Explains how deductibles and co-pays affect your total health cost

Help to analyze, review and compare different health care plans available to you

Advise you on whether tax-free saving like HSA is best for you or not

Helps you out with difficult situation like that of balancing billing and other complex insurance predicament you might find yourself in.

Health insurance is available to protect your interest.