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Deskripsi Bailey Zimmerman - Fall In Love (Lyrics)

Bailey Zimmerman - Fall In Love (Lyrics)

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Director: Alexa Campbell
Producer: Ryan Byrd
Production Company: Alexa Campbell Productions

Song Lyrics

Heard you moved out to South Carolina just like you always said we would.
Packed your bags in that ol’ 4 runner that I bought ya when things were good.
I’m glad to see the stop sign didn’t hit ya bring ya back to your senses
Ohhh it waved you gone goodbye.
Yeah it waved you gone goodbye.

I heard you found yourself a brand new man
Put a rock on your finger and he vowed you a second chance.
Built a house right by the coast
That ocean view is beautiful but baby I just want you to know.
He don’t know you like I did.
Money talks but I ain’t buying.

Loves a smoke ring wrapped around your finger
One second it’s a blessing and the next it’s already gone.
A broken heart I’m a walking testimony
My confession is a lesson that I’m pouring out in this song.
Oh woah woah
Oh woah woah
You don’t wanna fall in love.

Seen your momma walking out the county market and I stopped to ask her how she’s been.
Said she’s missing ya and tried to go convincing ya not to settle down with him.
She ain’t wrong, the whole town knows it, you had a bed of roses
But girl you couldn’t walk that line.
You can act like you’re doing fine.

Photo by Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash
Fall In Love Bailey Zimmerman Lyrics
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