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Deskripsi Camila Cabello - Bam Bam ft. Ed Sheeran (TikTok LIVE “Familia: Welcome to the Family”)

Camila Cabello feat. Ed Sheeran - Bam Bam (from the TikTok LIVE “Familia: Welcome to the Family”)

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Directed by: Charlotte Rutherford
Produced by: Benji Berkeley
Produced by: Gian Mitchell
Produced by: Roger Gold
Executive Producer: Isabel Quinteros
Executive Producer: Corey Sheridan
Executive Producer: Macie Spear
Multi-Camera Director: Sam Wrench
Production Design by: Liam Moore
Edited by: Benjamin Wainwright-Pearce
Musical Director: Cheche Alara
Original Score by: Cheche Alara
Mix Engineer: Lawrence Manchester
Choreography by: Calvit Hodge
Choreography by: Sara Bivens


Camila Cabello

Chris Rivera
Starley Carrington
Gabriela Barra
Michael Ramos
Grant Gilmore
Kebahb Glanville
Trinity Inay
Hannah Winship

Kelly Rosenthal
Beni Rossman
Paul Jackson
Bismarck ‘Biz’ Habyarimana
Luke Villegas

Mariachi: Mariachi Garibaldi De Jimmy Cuellar
Jimmy K. Cuéllar
Luis Zambrano
Ángel Guzmán
Ramon Figueroa Jr
Jorge Vasquez
Gustavo Hernández
Jason Franco
Albert Jimenez
John Vargas
Grover Castro

Alejandro Cabello
Sofia Cabello
Mercedes Rodrigues
Carolina Bernal Gomez
Gabriela Gomez

Alyssa Newsham
Lauren Brown
Christian Arciga
Javar Scott
Patricia A Smith

Featured Extra: Robert Rexx
Ms. Cabello Stand In: Sarah McCowin


Creative Consultant: Paul Caslin
Associate Director: Lizz Zanin
1st Stage Manager: Joe Osborne
2nd Stage Manager: Jr Osborne
Line Producer: Barret Hacia
Production Supervisor: Samuel Miller
Production Manager: Chris Coffie
Key Set PA: Mark Richey
Set PAs: Jade Curley, Dominic Rose

Art Director: Grace Surnow
Art Coordinator: Megan Mantia
Leadman: Ramon Navarro
Hyphenate: Rafael Aguliar
Set Dresser: Luis Fuentes
Set Dresser: Remy Levy
Set Decorator: Angelica Vasquez
Swing Rigging: Andy Steinhauer

Virtual Screen Content by Silent Partners Studio
Creative Directors: Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, Janicke Morissette
Project Manager: Leah Younesi
3D Designers: Aaron Kaufman, Felix Gourd, Justine Poulin, Patrick Goski
Content Editor: Claudine Boulanger
XR Real Time Designers: Bear Winter-Perreau, Brett Bolton, Heath Saunders, Spencer Sterling
Additional Virtual Screen Content: Blue Node, Lightborne

Camera System Technician: Travis Shannon
Techno Crane Stabilized Head Tech: Andrew Pauling
Techno Crane Remote Head Op: Justin Umphenour
Techno Crane 1st AC/Focus Puller: Eric Smith
Techno Crane Technician: Jesse Williams
Steadicam Operator: David Liebling
Steadicam Assist: Dan Lorenze
Camera Operator: Toshi Imai
Camera Operator: Sarah Remetch
Technical Director/Switcher: Dan Mardoyan
Unit Photography/BTS: Rahul Bhatt

Virtual Production by XR Studios
Virtual Director And President: JT Rooney
Virtual Production Supervisor: Charles Dabezies
Coordinator: Leah Rae Hulgin
Technical Director: Evan Cervantes
Project Manager: Carson Polan-Volpe
Virtual Screens Producer: Kerstin Hovland
Real Time Content Integrator: Nate Wilkens
Real Time Content Integrator: Jeremy Mayo
Media Server Programmer: Ben Grace
Media Server Programmer: Ryan Dwyer
Director of Sales and Marketing: Francesca Benevento
Studio Manager: Michael Hernandez
Chief Technical Officer: Scott Millar
Systems Technician: Harry O’Neill
EIC: Johnny Martinez
Systems Technician/Led Technician: Akash Bartlett
PAs: Joan Chu, Remal Halabi

Lighting Director: Stu Dingley
Lighting Programmer: Tiffany Keys
Key Grip: Jesus Yanez
2nd Grip: Justin Moynihan
A1: Tim Bolish
Comms Technician: Oscar Cordova
Monitor Engineer: Taylor Holden
Playback: Mike Kopulos
Monitor Tech: Justin Pader

Ms. Cabello Stylist: Rob Zangardi, Mariel Haenn
Ms. Cabello Stylist Assistants: Rum Brady, Jill Petry, Jamie Williamson
Ms. Cabello Tailor: Mia Danilowicz
Cast Stylist: Ariel Tunnell
Cast Stylist Assistants: Jestina O’Dell, Sunshine Wright, Aiin King
Cast Tailor: Gulsen Kan
Ms. Cabello Makeup Artist: Patrick Ta
Ms. Cabello Makeup Assistant: Akina Shimizu
Ms. Cabello Hair Stylist: Dimitris Giannetos
Ms. Cabello Hair Assistant: Lily He
Ms. Cabello Nails Technicians: Shigeko Taylor, Kim Truong
UV Body Paint Artist: Ally Mcgillicuddy
UV Body Paint Assistant: Sasha Glasser
UV Body Paint Assistant: Malina Stearns
Cast Make Up Artists: Bobbie Riley, Alexandra French, Marquis Ward
Cast Hair Stylists: Angelina Panelli, Megan Schipani, Jenna Nelson
Cast Nails Technicians: Brittney Boyce, Teresa Villa

Visual Effects: Felix Green
Colorist: Philip Hambi
Color EP: Leianna Campbell

Business Management: Juan Cumbe, Phil Sarna

(C) 2022 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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